Shipyard Volume I - Basics

Shipyard Volume I - Basics


Shipyard Volume I - Basics is the first installment in a library of spaceship model and texture presets for Element 3D!

Achieve stunning results in minutes using the presets in Shipyard to quickly build ship designs entirely inside of an After Effects workflow.

Shipyard Volume I - Basics ships with the following assets:

- 20 Spaceship Hull Material Presets
- 10 Spaceship Body Model Presets
- 5 Connector Piece Model Presets
- 5 Engine Model Presets
- 5 Wing Model Presets

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Although Element 3D is not required in order to use the models and textures that are included with Shipyard, it is needed if you wish to use the Element 3D Model and Material presets built for Shipyard. The 3D models and textures that are included with Shipyard can still be used in most PBR 3D environments.

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